why front-loading could save on expenses

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what is front loading?

front loading is a term recently used in the wedding industry to describe the order of events during reception. Front-loading could be a great option not only to save you & your fiancé money on vendors but create a unique non-stop party for you and your guests to enjoy.

it saves time...

when starting to plan which vendors to capture your day, one of the main factors to consider is time. A father-daughter dance or a cake cutting ceremony, traditionally are moments which happen on the later side of the reception. With front loading, you're bringing all those key moments to the start of the party rather than throughout it. This becomes a great time savor when booking vendors who are hired to typically stay until the end of wedding.

it's cost effective...

Besides saving time, it saves on expenses. When considering booking a cinematographer and photographer, one of the easiest ways to save money is front-loading.When these key moments are celebrated during the start of a reception, all the key moments will captured. This could save you money when figuring out how many hours you'd like with our team.

imperial bride tips


think hours of coverage

when deciding if front-loading your wedding is for you, think how many hours of coverage you would like our team to capture. Our pre-packaged photography & cinematography all start with eight hours of coverage. This is typically the standard amount of time you'll need for coverage with front-loading. With our custom packages you can also decide how long one photographer or cinematographer stays over another.


avoiding the stop and go

traditional weddings tend to space out the key moments throughout the event. With front-loading you can have all these key moments captured without the need of stopping the party throughout the night.


hiring vendors

hiring vendors for less time is another great way to save money for your wedding. With wedding packages starting with eight hours of coverage, brides could save money by front-loading.


guests experience

another tip to consider is how your party will be for your guests. Front-loading is a great option for your guests to u-wind and have a fun dance-filled night with you & your fiancé.